Cyber Monday: Instagram Auction

Cyber Monday: Instagram Auction

Our first Instagram Auction was such a success, we decided to bring you another one for Cyber Monday! We will have a few pieces from the new collection and other unique items that aren’t on the website, so make sure you tune in! How it works:


 Rules are:
1. Bids start off at $1 (some pieces may start off higher)
2. Bidders  must reply the last bidder.
( example. @thepersonyouroutbidding $25 )
3. Please refresh page  each bid.
4. You can bid  $1 . For example a bids  can  be $3.00.  ( no change ) !
5.  Once the winner is announced the winner  must pay for the auction within 1hour.
5. Please do not bid if you do not have funds
6. Must live in the US (or pay $7 for shipping)
7. Have fun

Free Shipping only the US, if you are international and would like to participate,$7 will be added to your total.

Hope to see you Cyber Monday!

The Throne Collection: Holiday Lookbook Preview


The Throne Collection: Holiday Lookbook Preview


We wanted to give you a preview of what to expect with our brand new winter collection. The Throne Collection was inspired by African Royalty. It features golden brass pieces, crowns and Egyptian dynasty symbolism and warm winter colors on bold African prints. The full collection will be available at our first ever Trunk Show on December 10th, and available online December 11th.  Here’s what you will see:


Cute hand soldered brass studs:

IMG_9941 IMG_9847

Your favorite Akilah Itan pieces in new winter fabrics:


Bold neck pieces for men and women:


Fun his and her gifting options:


And finally, some pieces for the men! Tie and lapel pins, cufflinks, rings and more:

IMG_9577 sq IMG_9595 2


I hoped you enjoyed this preview! If you would like to see more, RSVP for our Winter Tunk Show here. To pre-order pieces, email


Style Story: Christy A


Style Story: Christy A.

Akilah Itan is now adding Style Story to our site! This is a periodic style feature of customers who rock Akilah Itan, and rock it well! This will give you a chance to get ideas on how you can style your Akilah Itan accessories, and also connect with the stories behind these fashionistas style.


Our first style feature is Christy A, a Nigerian born fashionista whose unique style has earned her over 13 thousand followers on Instagram, and countless features on Instagram style pages, blogs and websites. She was raised in Nigeria until the age of 16, before moving to the Philadelphia area. We were able to shoot her in a few different outfits she styled with Akilah Itan accessories, and sit down with her to find out more about this style pioneer.

Akilah Itan (AI): What inspires your unique style?

Christy: Anything can inspire my style. I am inspired when I walk into a store and see things I like. I like things that are unique and different. So when I see something that catches my eye, it inspires me to build a look around it.


IMG_8236 IMG_8240

(Wearing our Yemayá Cuff and Essence Cocktail Ring)                                                         (Wearing our Ishtar Necklace Set)

AI: Your style has a very vintage/retro feel. Where do you like to shop?

Christy: I love to shop at thrift stores. You can find one of a kind items at an amazing price. But I can shop pretty much anywhere; from Target to Macy’s, I can find clothing I like almost anywhere.



(Wearing our Empress Cuff, Zuri Midi Cuffs, and Hamsa Bolt earrings)


(Wearing our Isis Cuff and Damé Essence Ring)

AI: What do you like about Akilah Itan jewelry?

Christy: I love your jewelry. I love that it is unique and different. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I like things that are different yet beautiful, and your jewelry is.

AI: Awww, thank you! What are your favorite Akilah Itan pieces?

Christy: The rings! I love the rings! My favorite is my heart ring [Akoma Ring].  But I also love the  two finger rings [Essence Cocktail Ring]

IMG_8402 IMG_8384

   (Wearing our Intrepid Midi Cuffs, Tajiri Ring, Damé Essence Ring)                  (Wearing our Yemayá Arm Cuff,  Orun Necklace and Pembe Studs)

AI: What do you aspire to, or see your self doing in the future.

Christy: I am currently working to complete my degree in business, and aspire to open up to open up a clothing store in Nigeria in the future. They love to dress in Nigera, and I want to provde them with a boutique with fashionable and unique clothing.

IMG_8412 IMG_8294 IMG_8267

To see more from Christy A., be sure to follow her on Instagram at @christydiorr