Cyber Monday: Instagram Auction

Cyber Monday: Instagram Auction

Our first Instagram Auction was such a success, we decided to bring you another one for Cyber Monday! We will have a few pieces from the new collection and other unique items that aren’t on the website, so make sure you tune in! How it works:


 Rules are:
1. Bids start off at $1 (some pieces may start off higher)
2. Bidders  must reply the last bidder.
( example. @thepersonyouroutbidding $25 )
3. Please refresh page  each bid.
4. You can bid  $1 . For example a bids  can  be $3.00.  ( no change ) !
5.  Once the winner is announced the winner  must pay for the auction within 1hour.
5. Please do not bid if you do not have funds
6. Must live in the US (or pay $7 for shipping)
7. Have fun

Free Shipping only the US, if you are international and would like to participate,$7 will be added to your total.

Hope to see you Cyber Monday!

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