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Nsaa- Basic Bow Earring


Akilah Itàn bow tie earrings have become the signature piece and a customer favorite! These original earrings are a bold statement piece, and come in a variety of fabrics and sizes to fit your unique style. Our “basic bow” size is our standard size bow earring. Has old or silver plated chain and the hooks and chain are nickel and lead free for those with metal sensitivities.

The Story: The nsaa adinkra symbol is a type of hand-woven fabric and issymbol of excellence, genuineness, and authenticity. According to “The Adinkra Dictionary” by W. Bruce Willis, the nsaa symbol reflects a saying: “nea onnim nsaa oto n'ago”, which he translates as “He who does not know authentic Nsaa will buy the fakes.” The quality of Nsaa has come to represent quality of workmanship in general. This symbol is the perfect representation of these original earrings.

Fabric Pictured: “Kintinkantan”

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Golden Wine, Gye Nyame Kente, Ivory Coast, Kintinkatan, Ligbi Mask, Mahogany Gold, Ocean Sunset, Scarlet Kente, Under the Sea, Vibrant Kente